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Robert Lippok – Berlin 2021

Robert Lippok is one of those characters in the electronic music scene who doesn’t need introductions.
German musician, composer, visual artist, and stage designer, he is co-founder of the bands Ornament und Verbrechen (together with Ronald Lippok) and To Rococo Rot (with Ronald Lippok and Stefan Schneider).
Any techno fan knows about his music productions for labels like Raster Noton, so I felt literally blessed when Robert contacted me to take some pictures of his latest sound installation, “Objects and Bodies“, made for the Goethe Institute’s exposition “TechnoWorlds“. Being a great fan of his work, it was a real pleasure to meet him personally and attend the assembly of the installation.

Robert Lippok. ©Tommaso Revelant / portrait-corporate-editorial photographer berlin